"Six months ago, I requested the company services of Ahiman Consulting & Research for two projects. I am impressed with the companies' ability to complete the tasks. As a physician licensed in 3 states, I have met Academia and Research at its best and the Ahiman Company makes the grade."

"Without hesitation, I strongly recommend the Ahiman Company as I know they will be a valued asset to any organization."

-Elisa P. Bell, M.D.



Ahiman Consulting and Research About Ahiman Consulting and Research

Ahiman Consulting and ResearchAhiman Consulting & Research recognized a need for businesses to capitalize on data stored during this age of information. Thinking statistically in the new millennium is as necessary today as the ability to read and write was in the last millennium. Ahiman Consulting and ResearchThis age of information has created stored data at a rate that most organizations are unable to keep up with the pace. Therefore, Ahiman decided to provide the statistical tools to help business to put information at their command.

Ahiman Consulting and Research, led by Ph.D level statistician, Dr. Will O. Cobbs Jr., has been in existence for almost ten years. It started as innovative alternative to the University research. This need was identified because of the disproportionate social problems and health disparities in minority communities in the state of Illinois. Ahiman felt that the lack of cultural sensitivity and competence when conducting research and evaluation in minority communities was doing more harm than good. For this reason, we started Ahiman and made the following our purpose for our community research initiative:

“To provide scientific, expert-level data analysis, research and evaluation of health and social programs in a culturally competent fashion while including community members as experts allowing the perfect marriage of community and science for the betterment and health of those plagued by the problems being addressed.”

Relationships are established with the community based organizations throughout the state and also with the state public health department so the professional and personal infrastructure is present to begin immediately this very valuable work.


Better Business Solutions By Statistics

Ahiman Consulting and ResearchIn the information age, the issue facing us is not a shortage of information, but how to use the available information to make better business decisions. After years of statistical and economic research, Dr. Will Cobbs recognized that business that deciding factor of a business' success was its ability to make critical decisions from the information at its command. 

Smart statistics stabilize your business decisions. 

Trends and predictive models allow you to make more informed choices.


Ahiman Consulting and Research makes information make sense

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